Matangi OD Green

Matangi олива однолямочный рюкзак
Price: 71 EUR

Matangi OD Green

The Kiwidition Matangi backpack is a small-sized multi-role shoulder backpack. It's great inner volume and small sizes, M.O.L.L.E. straps to attach additional pouches make Matangi irreplaceable in city life.

Product Features:
Main Compartment: 30 x 20 x 8 cm
Outer Upper Compartment: 18 x 8 х 3 cm
Outer Lower Compartment: 20 x 18 x 4 cm
Back Compartment: 20 х 18 cm
Approximate Overall Volume: 6.5 liters
Weight: 740 

Product Detail:
The main compartment has several spaces. Front one has a zipper and a Velcro fastener suitable for an universal holster;
The outer lower compartment has an external pocket, M.O.L.L.E. system straps, an inner pocket, a key-holder and elastic straps to attach small items.
All the main compartment and outer spaces have eyelets as to maintain water runoff;
In the upper outer compartment you can find a small sized equipment pocket and elastic bands for small items;
Outside the upper compartment the is a pocket and elastic bands to fix a flashlight, water bottles end etc.
On the back side of the pack there is a hidden pocket used to secure short-barrel weapons; Fast snapping closure can maintain quick extraction;
Velcro strap inside the back compartment can be usefull to attach a holster or other accessories;
The three-zone vented back padding is enforced with foam material having closed pores; The backside Velcro strap is usefull to fix the backpack to a waist belt;
The wide main shoulder strap has a Fastex buckle, adjustable belt and M.O.L.L.E. system straps to attach additional pouches; It has two plastic rings and two secured pockets also;
The main shoulder strap can be assigned for both left and right shoulders;
Additional waist belt can be used to set the backpack steady when running or jumping.

The Kiwidition Matangi Shoulder Backpack is suitable for EDC, range and city activities. It was designed for travellers, supporters of extremal sports, hunters and fishermen.

Product Materials
Waterproof Nylon WR PU 1050D, 
Poly Oxford 210D/240D PU,
Polyamide straps,
Paracord 550, 
Gral Coats 

Colors: Black, OD Green, Woodland